Georgy’s supper time

The Creative Writing Course is a bottom-less well of ideas. This one comes straight (and revised…) from the taster workshop we had a month ago.


Georgy’s Supper Time

Alone on the stony ground, an empty chair towers over him; he feels dust and gravel on his hands – he would like to taste it, he thinks. He lifts one hand and brings it slowly to his mouth, when he hears a reproaching sound – “Eh” – coming from somewhere around him. Georgy doesn’t even know what ‘reproaching’ means, but usually that sound comes right before the sound “No” and a deep frown on Mum’s face.

Georgy puts down his hand and looks up at the chair. He reaches up his arms as if to grab hold of the seat and lifts himself up. He forgets about it halfway through and his bottom falls again on the gravel. He barely notices, though. A glimmer caught his attention, a reflection on the window pane, quickly gone.

He’s remotely aware of the light slowly fading, as twilight turns into dusk.

A screeching of hinges and the door of Grandma’s old house opens. Georgy turns his attention away from the window and gazes at the gigantic figure of Aunt Maudy, a little plate in her hands; smell of carrot soup drifts to his nostrils. Even if he hadn’t thought about it before, now Georgy realizes he’s hungry. Very hungry. He wants the soup, now.

Someone stands up beside him and Georgy jerks around, putting the soup aside in his mind and suddenly remembering his Grandpa, half dozing on the chair the entire time.

Strong hands lift him up and before he knows he’s sitting on Auntie’s lap, ready for supper.


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