Letter to a sad clown

Dear Mr Robin Williams,

I never had the honor to meet you in person – and I never will – so I can’t really say I know you. Yet, you stumbled in my life so many times, it’s quite hard to think about my past without your funny face appearing now and then.

Peter Banner / Peter Pan – Robin Williams

You were Peter Pan, all grown up, husband and father, flying once more in the sky of Neverland; you were Patch Adams, with a red nose to bring laughter to those children who had already lost faith in life; you were the “Goooooooood Morning Vietnam!!!” to soldiers battling on the other side of the world for someone else’s war; you were Mrs Doubtfire, dressed up like an old lady to take care of you children; you were the genie in the lamp, grantor of magical wishes.

If actors can change the world and make it a better place through their art, you certainly gave the example.

Mr Robin Williams, I don’t know you, but it strikes me as utterly unfair that the hope you were so generously giving us has so completely abandoned you in the end, until we survivors one day have to wake up without you.

I don’t normally believe in Heaven, but I really wish there was a place for people like you, somewhere you can Rest In Peace, in real peace, finally.

Go on, take your last bow from far up above us. We may have lost you, but there’s one more star shining in the sky tonight.

As for me, I’ll always be proud to say I have been one of your pupils, oh captain, my captain…

Love, always



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