‘Neverwhere’ by Neil Gaiman

You remember “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman? A normal boy starts on an adventure in a magic world to find a fallen star?

Well, “Neverwhere” is a bit the same thing, except Richard Meyhew didn’t really intend to start on any adventure. He liked his boring life, with his boring job and his oppressive fiancée Jessica, the kind that stays with you only because she is sure that in due time she can turn you into ‘marriage material’. He liked his ordinary friends and he liked the London he was living in.

He could have continued with his ordinary life, if one day a filthy, wounded girl didn’t appear in front of him on the pavement. He could have listened to Jessica and kept on walking, instead he stopped and these are the consequences:

  • His fiancée breaks their engagement;
  • Richard’s shirt gets soaked in blood;
  • The girl’s life is saved;
  • Richard stops to exist.

Actually, the last one needs amending:

  • Richard stops to exist in London Above.

He had slipped through the cracks of space and time. Nobody seems to notice him, taxis don’t stop for him, his ex-fiancée doesn’t seem to even remember him and his very apartment is soon rented to someone else.

Then he remembers what the girl had said, before leaving with a dodgy man who liked to be called the Marquis de Carabas: “I’m sorry.”

She obviously knew and now Richard has to find his way into London Below, the mysterious London, unknown to many ordinary Londoners, a different world in between times and spaces, where a temporary Floating Market may take place on the HMS Belfast and nobody would even blink.

As soon as he sets foot in this bizarre world, Richard only wants to go back to his ordinary Londoner life. However, after all the fantastic experience he’ll have in London Below, will he be able to enjoy such an ordinary life again?

Would you?


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to read this book: Amazon


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