‘Ghana Must Go’ by Taiye Selasi

Beauty is a relative concept. Some might argue with this, but I stand my case.

You spend your life thinking that someone has to be slim, have nice hair (whatever color it is) and symmetrical features.

Then a person appears and you realize that beauty has nothing to do with symmetrical features. Well, not entirely, that is.

It was my fantastic friend Book-Guru (and now that she has a WordPress blog, I’m going to send you there: The Artist’s Room) who first told me about Taiye Selasi: “She is a beautiful woman. Not just that she is beautiful, but she is REALLY beautiful.”

Now, we do have our peculiar ways to talk about things and people, but this description did leave me a bit perplexed at the beginning. Until I saw her and I heard her speak.

She truly is a beautiful woman. And her beauty deeply reflects in her writings.

Her first book is ‘Ghana Must Go’. Probably few of you have any idea what it means.

The title comes from the name of an early 80s operation, when thousands of Ghanaians have been expelled from Nigeria, due to political and economic reasons. They were sent away with a bag in which they would carry all the essential goods and the bag was called ‘Ghana Must Go’, just like the operation.

The story Taiye Selase is telling is that of the Sai Family, starting from the death of Kweku in Accra, Ghana, then back to understand his story and forward again, into the aftermath that the family he abandoned is living.

Fola, the Nigerian girl whom he loved like no other and who gave him four children.

Olu, the first-born, so similar to his mother in appearance, yet so close to his father in personality.

Kehinde and Taiwo, the twins. The first an acclaimed artist, the second a beautiful top-of-the-class girl.

Finally, Sadie, the little one, born too early and doomed to die in the first week. The one Kweku saved.

All together, an African family in New York, with all the challenges that it involves.

It’s bits of poetry trapped in the shape of a novel.

A beautiful novel, for a Beautiful woman.


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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