‘Zombie’ by Joyce Carol Oates

By popular demand, I’ll tell you about the book that accompanied me as I flew towards a brand new life in a brand new city.

The book is ‘Zombie’, written by the splendid Joyce Carol Oates (and I was flying towards Bristol, thanks for asking…).

For those who never met her – in a literary way, of course – she is a cynical vivisectionist of American society and human spirit. She’s fantastic.

She wrote ‘Zombie’ in 1995, right before her great masterpiece ‘We were the Mulvaneys’ and yet I can’t think of two more different books.

Where ‘We were the Mulvaneys’ is reflective and calculated, ‘Zombie’ is a burst of instinct and primal needs.

Where the former is a controlled assessment of a outside-perfect/inside-troubled family, the latter is the inner and scattered thoughts of a psychotic being.

However, let’s quit the comparison and let’s talk about ‘Zombie’.

Quentin P_ wants a zombie.

A zombie is a person deprived of any individuality, a lobotomized creature, a slave who’s overly willing to comply any kind of request, might it be ordinary quirks, or more perverted sexual fantasies.

And Quentin P_ wants a zombie.

Therefore, Quentin P_ learns how to make a zombie.

He finds medicine books and he learns the art of using a scalpel to severe the connection with the frontal lobe (I will not get into details, because it’s quite upsetting).

Although knowing the procedure is not enough, he needs to practice and what is a better way than trying to make his first zombie already?

However, as it turns out, it isn’t easy as it seems and corpses will accumulate, while Quentin seeks the perfect young man to be his mindless zombie.

Piece of advice: don’t read it if you’re easily impressed.

Next piece of advice: if you decide to read it anyway, don’t do it before going to sleep.

Last piece of advice: don’t try it at home.


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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