‘The Time Machine’ by H. G. Wells

For thousands of years mankind has been taken and propelled in some distant future by some ancient god or some kind of witchcraft.

The people involved could do absolutely nothing about it. Men were merely victims of the whims of a supernatural force.

It was like this until a young man from Bromley, Kent, decided to write about a quite peculiar journey on an even more peculiar machine.

The young man was H. G. Wells and he presented the world his ‘The Time Machine’.

However, Wells’ story is not just a tale about time travel. His sophisticated mind was greatly concerned about his contemporary political and social environment, so that the Time Traveler of his story couldn’t but come back with an important warning.

Let’s start from the beginning, anyway.

When the Time Traveler for the first time tries to explain the concept of time as a fourth dimension through which is possible to move, he gets quite a skeptical reaction from his guests, mostly when he announces that he has almost terminated to build a proper time machine, which he will use to make a proper journey through time.

No one really gives him much credit.

Nonetheless, the following week, the Time Traveler fails to present himself at dinner in time, arriving late and in dreadful conditions.

‘What happened to you?’ everybody asks.

Then the Time Traveler starts telling about the most amazing time.

The time machine of his own construction had indeed worked and brought him forward in time to the year 802,701 A.D.

There (and then) he met the Eloi, an evolution of the human kind. These creatures, facing no real challenge in nature, have lost the spirit, intelligence and physical fitness of humanity, living as a race of childlike adults.

If the Eloi live on the ground surface, the dark underground world is inhabited by ape-like troglodytes called Morlocks, a sort of working class, responsible for the functioning of the world on the surface and feeding on the inept Elois.

If at first glance it looked like a world subdivided in servants and lords, eventually it looks more like a division between livestock and ranchers.

After a journey that will put him in any sort of danger, the Time Traveler didn’t only come back with an amazing story, but also with a portrait of what society would become, as the disparities between classes grew stronger.

As he sent us a warning of the dangers in society bias, Wells gave us power over time travel.


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If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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