‘The Woman who went to Bed for a Year’ by Sue Townsend

How many times, in the morning, have you thought about just staying in bed?

Me, almost every day.

Unfortunately, it’s quite discouraged to neglect the real world and just lay in bed all day.

There’s work to do, school to attend, friends to meet and things to prepare, clean, arrange.

Besides, getting up from bed is quite essential if you wish to eat something – unless of course you’re equipped with room service, a very patient mother or if you’re trying to push your limits to some Ghandi kind of level avoiding food entirely.

Some time ago, while walking around stacks of books, one caught my eye. The title was ‘The Woman who went to bed for a year’.

First thought was: “I wish I could do that”.

Then I elaborated the idea and the second thought was: “Didn’t she get bored?”

Naturally, Sue Townsend had some pretty good ideas about how to spice up things.

The woman of the title is Eva, a fifty-looking-fifty years old wife of a thoughtless – and faithless – astronomer and mother of two hyper-clever twins with clear emotional issues.

The day her children leave home, she watches them going away, then climbs up into her bed and stays there.

Her husband, as you might imagine, is not really thrilled about it.

When Eva refuses to get downstairs to make dinner, he calls Eva’s mother, though she’s too busy having her hair done to take care of such a ridiculous matter.

Then he calls his own mother, who’s not at all surprised and predicts that she’ll get up from bed as soon as she’ll feel hungry herself.

However, tired of being the person everyone expects her to be, Eva won’t leave the bed.

Soon enough, she will make new friends – the window cleaner Peter and the white-van man Alexander – and quite unwillingly become the holy figure of a new protest against the many wrongs of the world.

Though that wasn’t what Eva had in mind, when she climbed up in bed that first day.

She didn’t want to protest.

She just wanted to get off the world for a little while.


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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