‘The Bone Collector’ by Jeffery Deaver

Would you like to have the recipe for inter-dimensional travel?

Take a comfortable armchair, possibly on a rainy day – it’s not essential, but it surely improves the quality of the journey.

Make sure there is a nice lamp right behind you – one of those torch-like lights would be perfect to enhance the atmosphere.

Feel free to prepare some tea, but beware, it might get cold.

I recommend to set a timer right next to you, one powerful enough to bring you back to your own dimension in time for supper.

Finally, equip yourself with one of Jeffrey Deaver’s book.

I’ll let you free to choose whichever you like.

For my personal experience, I chose ‘The Bone Collector’ and travelled to a contemporary New York, where a serial killer was having fun kidnapping and killing people, reducing them quite literally to the bone.

No doubt a thrilling journey.

Jokes apart, Jeffrey is no doubt one of my favourites, when it comes to picking a thriller story, and with Lincoln Rhymes he has so fantastically hit the bull’s eye.

It reminds a bit of those Nero Wolfe stories, where Archie is the one running around and getting into trouble to bring the information back to Nero, who throughout the entire book seems only concerned with food and orchids.

In Lincoln Rhyme case, the matter is a bit more serious.

He is a quadriplegic criminalist, a brilliant mind in the field of forensic, confined to the little space of his bed, in his small apartment.

He is seriously considering assisted suicide, when the homicide detective Lon Sellitto walks into his room, asking for his help and introducing him to the talented police officer Amelia Sachs, who’s at her first homicide investigation.

Naturally, they don’t really enjoy each other’s company at the beginning – she feels uncomfortable with his condition and he is not so keen on making new friends.

Nonetheless, the homicide case is intriguing and Lincoln accepts to help Sellitto. As for Amelia, she will be his eyes and legs on the scene of the crime.

So, let’s get off with the hunt for the Bone Collector.


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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