‘George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt’ by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

He’s a genius, of course. One of the greatest minds that ever lived on this planet.

He described the blue radiation coming out of black holes years before it could be detected.

He is the one who said that aliens most certainly exist, but we shouldn’t expect them to visit us to shake hands and share cookies.

He is a man with the most open and active mind, able to run across the universe and visit strange worlds in other galaxies, even when stuck on a wheelchair by a motor neuron disease.

He is Stephen Hawking.

It’s delightful to see him partnered with his daughter Lucy – a brilliant writer of children’s book – to write the fantastic story of George and Annie, traveling around the universe with their supercomputer Cosmo.

They’ve done it before in ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’ – which I must say I haven’t read, yet – and they’ve done it again in ‘George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt’.

I know what you’re thinking: I’m doing it in reverse.

What can I say, it came as a present.

And I know it’s supposed to be a children’s story, but I can’t really say my sister got it wrong when she gave it to me one Christmas Day, saying that I surely would enjoy it.

Yeah, well. I’m kind of geeky, sometimes.

The story is one of the most ordinary: George’s best friend, Annie, moves to Florida, because her father is going to work with NASA; in the meantime, an odd, not at all friendly message appears on the Supercomputer Cosmo, which had been out of service for a while; George doesn’t know what to do and his grandma decides to give him a little push to Florida.

Then…well, space travel through the Supercomputer, of course!

And here they receive the most awesome gift from Annie’s father: The User’s Guide to the Universe. Which we quickly find out has nothing to do with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (unfortunately), but turns out to be quite useful, when stranded on Titan.

Well, I think I’ve written enough, I’d better stop right here.

What kind of Cosmic Treasure Hunt would it be, otherwise…


If you want to know more about this book: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon


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