‘1408’ by Stephen King

This week I might be cheating, since I won’t write about a book. I’ll write about a short story, instead.

I’m not usually fond of short stories. They end too quickly and most of the times I fail to get the point. No short story ever managed to get through to me.

At least that was until some time ago.

It’s a bit like looking for True Love. You think it’s just a pointless waste of time, everything you experience seems to lead to the only conclusion that there’s no such thing as True Love, until you realize that you just hadn’t met the right person, yet.

That’s what happened between me and short stories. I thought it was a useless waste of time, until I read King’s ‘1408’.

I know you might think: “Oh well, it’s King we’re talking about, of course, he’s a genius”.

You’re mistaking for two reasons. First, he’s not a genius. He’s The King. There’s a difference. Crichton is a genius, but he’s not The King. There’s only one King, got it?

Second, not all of King’s short stories gave me the chills. Many of them, but not all. Though this one beats them all.

Some of you probably watched the movie ‘1408‘, directed by Mikael Håfström, with John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. I didn’t. I won’t lie to you, I was terrifies at the thought of getting back in that room.

The story is very simple and I’ll sum it up very briefly (it’s a short story, I can’t be anything but brief).

There’s Mike Enslin, an author who writes about horror stories, researching haunted houses and all sorts of paranormal mystery. Well, after years of hoaxes, he’s grown a bit skeptical and not surprisingly disappointed by his own life.

He arrives at the Dolphin’s Hotel, where it’s said to be a haunted room: the room 1408. Here he’ll find out that not all the haunting stories are hoaxes.

Now, do you remember what I told you about Hill House? Where the house was a character of the story, active and alive as well as the human protagonists were.

Well, in King’s short story, the room is even more alive than Hill House had ever been. It’s a shape shifting room, where everything is terrifyingly real and yet nothing is.

It’s a nightmare become reality.

It’s a pit of despair for a man who has already touched the bottom.

Someday I’ll probably watch the movie, but not just now. Not just now.


When I first read the story, it was part of a collection called ‘Everything’s Eventual’. Here’s to know more about it: Goodreads

If you want to buy this book: Amazon



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